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Saint-Malo Box Candle Holder


This Candle box has multiple uses: It is above all a candleholder that can hold a large, long-lasting tealight. It can also be used to store spare candles or a box of matches, which can be very useful during a romantic dinner. It can also be used as a candy or spice box. The Saint-Malo candle box is based on the designs of the collection: shiny white ceramic and black stripes. They exist in two sizes. You can also, if you wish, stack the 2 boxes, separately placing a candleholder. It's up to you to imagine your combination!

S : D.12,5 cm x H.8,5
L : D.12 cm x H.12,5
Concept: Candle holder whose base is a box for storing  matches and stock of candles.
Black, white and silver handcrafted ceramic