Eau d’Amsterdam
Eau d’Amsterdam
Eau d'Amsterdam

Eau d’Amsterdam

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Amsterdam in a Bottle - Scent of the Canal Trees

Perfumer : Annindriya experts
Type : Eau de parfum
Content : 50 ml
Scent Family : green woody sunny
Ingredients : Ulmus Hollandica:
elm leaves accord, elm wood accord.


With 75,000 elm trees in the city, this is the natural scent of Amsterdam. Now for the first time their unique scent is captured in a perfume: Eau d'Amsterdam. It is the first ever green perfume from Amsterdam: World Heritage in a Bottle.
The elm trees have been here for centuries, as can bee seen in the beautiful painting Keizersgracht at Molenpad ca. 1775 from Hendrik Keun (Collection of the Amsterdam Museum). This painting is also depicted on the packaging.

Artistic duo Saskia Hoogendoorn and Lieuwe Martijn Wijnands from Tijdmakers wanted to discover this natural scent to create an ode to the signature tree of Amsterdam and to support the art events of Amsterdam's spring celebration: Springsnow.
Annindriya scent experts in cooperation with IFF created Eau d'Amsterdam based on the scent of the elm leaves and elm wood.