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Lumière Binoculaire



  • Artist : Stef van der Bijl
  • The Silver Collection
  • Floor lamp
  • This unique lamp has been made from: 2 old fire extinguishers, 1 antique book press, 2 aircraft construction gears, 1 Rijkswaterstaat surveyor tripod, 1 power plant power switch, 1 drawing table compass, 1 surgery light construction arm, 1 wooden mangle table handle, 1 curtain construction arm and 2 sprinklers.


  • Polished aluminium, bakelite, wood, cast iron


  • 2 x E27 spot lights of 75 watts


  • The lamp can be moved vertically and horizontally, it can be adjusted in height by the tripod and can rotate 360 degrees. The dimmer has been build in the antique power switch on top of the lamp. The change the angle of the fire extinguishers, you must turn the sewing machine wheel which is driven' by the bike wheel chains and the aircraft mechanics.


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    Dimensions & weight

    • ca. 90 L x 90 W x 200 H cm
    • ca. 30.0 kg

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