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About the L'Objet Collaboration


TERTIUS COLLECTION is an Exclusive Expert Reseller for The Netherlands since 2015.

Continually representing the luxury houseware and interior brand L’Objet; showcasing the entire catalog of objects instore and online.

Tertius Xavier van Oosthuyzen: TERTIUS Collection’s Owner and Founder  selected L’Objet as house-brand in 2015 when establishing the ‘Boutique X Gallery’ - Concept.

Because of the unique artisanal craftmanship, quality and storyline the brand embodies, together with the stylish, understated and elegant design and best choice of materials such as Limoges Porcelain.

These values and vision by L’Objet’s Founder and Creative Director Mr. Elad Yifrach: rival any of the world-renowned French ‘Maisons de Qualité’ and are represented by Tertius’  team.

As official ‘L’Objet Specialist’: located in Amsterdam TERTIUS Collection offers year-round advice and service regarding any L’Objet inquiry or after-care and is in daily contact with the L’Objet creative and directive team, always working on new client orders, projects; such as wedding-lists, restaurant orders and collaborations.