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Dino Armchair


“During the last few years, I’ve worked with BD on different seatings developed with plywood boards. They were my first designs for a chair named Showtime (2007) and an armchair called Lounger (2009). After ten years they are still part of the catalogue and being marketed with success. In the collection we now present, I wanted to take advantage of my previous experience with other moulded and upholstered seatings, to develop a new armchair that would be as comfortable as possible within certain dimensions, so that they adapt well to the body and space it’s in, for both the home and contract. It has sculptural forms and a lovely profile, similar to that of a dinosaur, from which the name comes, particularly those that were herbivorous and that were distinguished for their long and stylish long necks. The armchair is also slender from which ever angle you look at it. Another element that characterises it are its light aluminium legs which reminds one of a zeppelin. The mix in the materials is also in the fabric and details like the leather that covers and protects the armrests in the more special versions. Additionally, the quality and durability give personality and have my charateristical stroke that define its subtle line, organic and exceptional, creating a very unique piece. Dino wants to be a representative design by and for the history of BD where it shows the company’s know-how also through the seams.” Jaime Hayon

Components and Material:

Body made of poliurethane reinforced with steel structure and covered with polieter foam.
Headrest, seat and backrest are made of polieter foam. Seat and hea- drest are fixed to body while backrest is removable.
Standard legs made of steel pipe and optional legs made of aluminium casting.


- Monocolor: Upholstered in different BD fabrics and leathers with steel legs or optional aluminium casting legs painted in dark bronze.
- Hayon color selection:
Green version:
Upholstery: Kvadrat Vidar3 1062 + Kvadrat Steelcut2 0975 + arms upholstered with leather Florida 2046 green.
Legs: Aluminium casting painted in color Green RAL 6006.
Red version:
Upholstery: Kvadrat Vidar3 0582 + Kvadrat Steelcut2 0615 + arms upholstered with leather Florida 2080 green.
Legs: Aluminium casting painted in color Red RAL 3005.

Dimensions and Weights:
740x900x111 cm - 25 Kg

Cleaning and Maintenance:

All fabrics must be cleaned with a damp cloth using only water. Letahers can be cleaned in the same way, and for maintenance, a thin layer of wax that is the same colour as the leather or a neutral one (colourless) can be applied.
  • Handmade by the finest craftsmen in Spain
  • Inscribed with official Limited Edition numbers
  • Official Certificates
  • Care Instructions
  • Produced on order, with a production time of 8-12 weeks
  • Crated, fully insured and shipped by FEDEX