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Explorer Dining Table


After the great success of the three Explorer side tables introduced in 2019, Jaime Hayon designed a dining table version of this spectacular design in four different sizes.

The tables have expanded in growth, maintaining the same signs of identity in personality, pleasantness, elegance and quality in workmanship.
Now more than ever we spend a lot of time in our homes eating, working and sharing moments. The explorer dining table was born from the idea of inclusion, eliminating the obstacles of the table by getting rid of the side legs, trying to create a spacious and comfortable space but being sculpturally strong at the same time, an iconic piece that can be admired.
The glossy finishes and different color combinations give even more options to the collection, aiming to be blatantly decorative. They are pieces that communicate.

Materials and finishes

Interior painted steel structure. Central leg and base in fibreglass with a gloss (strengthened gel for durability) finish. MDF veneered table top in Polaris with a matte finish by Abet Laminati. The underside and the borders of the top are lacquered in a matte finish.

3 possible color combinations:

Multicolor Beige
-Laminated top: Polaris 2901 (Sable)
-Underside top: Ral 8017 Mate (Chocolate brown)
-Body: Ral 1001 Gloss (Beige)
-Base: Ral 8015 Gloss (Chestnut brown)

Multicolor Ivory
-Laminated top: Polaris 2903 (Gris Perle)
-Underside top: Ral 5008 Mate (Grey blue)
-Body: Ral 1015 Gloss (Light Ivory)
-Base: Ral 6009 Gloss (Fir green)

Multicolor Blue
-Laminated top: Polaris 2903 (Gris Perle)
-Underside top: Ral 5008 Mate (Grey blue)
-Body: Ral 5008 Gloss (Grey blue)
-Base: Ral 1015 Gloss (Light Ivory)

Optional Top in Polaris 2902 Nearly Black in all combinations.