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Montalchino Bag



Shop in style with the trendy Montalchino Bag of tan leather that enhances its strength and durability. This spacious shopping bag has a beautiful braided handle with buckles.

Dimensions: 49 x 28 x H. 19 cm

Finish: Tan leather

Materials: Cardboard paper | Buffalo leather | Fabric | Iron


Tanning and finishing processes don’t erase imperfections like insect bites, scars and stretch marks. Such subtle markings provide proof of authentic, natural leather.

To fully enjoy your leather seating and ensure its longevity, please follow a few basic rules:

  • Don’t place your seating near a heat source such as a radiator or fireplace.
  • Avoid exposure to excessive sunlight, dampness and extreme temperature changes.
  • Be careful with jeans that can transfer colour onto the leather: this may be unfixable.
  • Don’t expose your seating to scratches from pets or sharp objects (e.g. studs, buckles).